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Welcome to The Earth Limited

We are a team of writers and journalists who are deeply interested in encouraging sustainable living on the planet. We welcome our readers and viewers on this journey of discovery that will enrich our lives and inspire us to make the change. We do not bring any story or suggestion to you without having practised and deeply connected with it. So, come along with us.

By Arnau De Tera

A Finite Planet

A pale blue dot in an ocean of darkness – that was how Planet Earth looked from 6.4 billion kms away, when spacecraft Voyager 1 captured the image just before leaving the solar system. This ‘dot’ is home to 8 billion humans and million other species.

It is a home that gives us abundant water, food and air. But human, the most intelligent among its 8 million odd species, has started over-consuming and polluting the planet. We are on the threshold of irreversible changes that could make life difficult for all living beings Read more

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Beware Hot AND Humid Days

Mammals could exit the planet

Heat waves across India scream report after news report. Are we witnessing the critical survival point World Bank had warned about last year? In a first time for the planet, temperatures in India will cross ‘The Wet-Bulb temperature’ and the country could see lives lost to heat stress, the report had said.

Yes, we are seeing heat waves, but these are dry heat waves and can be tackled by adapting some measures. The body still is able to cool down a bit. But the survival temperature cited by news reports relate to conditions following monsoons when the humidity is at a high, Prof J Srinivasan of Divecha Centre for Climate Change at the Indian Institute of Science told TEL.

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Earth Day brings to mind vividly a day from the distant past, when the sky seemed bluer and the clouds whiter the air was intoxicatingly fresh, the water in the streams crystal clear. The tall grass was greener with its white toppings of flowers dancing in the breeze. Paddy fields smelt so yummy, mixed with…

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