The Team

A small but effective team


Jaya has been a journalist for over 25 years and worked with some of the English dailies and digital media in Bangalore. Dabbled in some journalism teaching and had a stint at a wildlife research organisation, TEL is positively the last halt in this voyage, she believes. Deeply in love with the planet and all its wild and tame denizens, she hopes to spread this love through the portal and its stories, to children and adults, who can be the torch bearers for a sustainable way of living.


Papiya Bhattacharya has been a science journalist for the last 24 years. She has written for The Guardian, Leonardo Reviews, Femina, The Week,, Current Science, Nature India and others. She is serious about being gentle on the earth to the animate and inanimate alike and loves to live with nature in her Innisfree. She teaches science writing and presentation at the Centre for Human Genetics in Bangalore. She also loves to write short stories and poetry. She has just published her first book of poetry called The songs of Maya.