Let’s Meditate for Mother Earth

Mother Earth has always been an essential part of meditation practices all over the world. The earth is the foundation of our physical existence, providing us with nourishment, shelter, and a place to call home. When we meditate, we can connect with the earth and tap into its profound wisdom and healing power.

During meditation, we can visualize ourselves rooted in the earth, drawing on its love, strength and stability to help us find our inner balance and calmness. This connection with the earth helps us ground our energy and release any excess tension or negativity we may be holding onto.(removing excess emotional charge)

The earth is also a source of inspiration and creativity. When we meditate outdoors, surrounded by nature’s beauty, we can connect with the earth’s life force and access a higher level of consciousness. We allow ourselves to be fully present here. When you are in contact with the earth directly, its tranquil energy naturally is conducted through you and you become grounded. It also shows how important is your connection with your biological mother when you are connected with mother earth, the connection with source energy or your divine father can stabilize. You feel safe and secure from within

Mother Earth plays a vital role in meditation by providing us with a grounding foundation, a source of inspiration, and a reminder of our interconnectedness. By connecting with the earth during meditation, we can access its profound wisdom, unconditional love , healing power and cultivate a deeper sense of empathy and compassion towards all beings.

Priya P K 

Priya is a dedicated spiritual seeker, studying and practising various modalities including reiki, pranic healing, access bars, qigong, ultra-depth hypnotherapy, and Theta healing. She has been guided by masters including Vipin Kumar, Guru Nithya Chaithanya Yathi, Dr. Raman, and Vianna Stibal. Priya is an accomplished Theta healing instructor and facilitator who teaches spiritually inspired classes and meditation.

Check out this Facebook video of Priya showing gratitude to Mother Earth for the immense love she showers on us.

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