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Are you eating plastic?

Going by recent studies, we are well on way to plastic synthesis in our bodies. The wonder material has literally colonised the planet and its beings. The only recourse left is perhaps to recover, recycle and reuse all the packaging material as soon as possible. And to keep at it, instead of producing more. Ever…

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Earth Day brings to mind vividly a day from the distant past, when the sky seemed bluer and the clouds whiter the air was intoxicatingly fresh, the water in the streams crystal clear. The tall grass was greener with its white toppings of flowers dancing in the breeze. Paddy fields smelt so yummy, mixed with…

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sdfsdfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff A combination of rainwater harvesting and treated wastewater can easily provide more than the requirement of the city, says Dr T V Ramachandra. This is a person who knows what he speaks. He has, for the past couple of decades and more, worked extensively and researched on many related areas of energy, urban planning,…

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