Menopause: Misery or Not

So, you are on the wrong side of your forties and feel a little bloated from time to time; and break out into a sweat in the middle of the night? Whatever you do, you still feel warm and then it all goes away and you are left shivering!
Welcome to the world of peri menopausal women. You will soon find that the story doesn’t end there! You will feel weepy and fine by turns! You will feel lonely and unloved and that nobody cares about you.

Yet, all is not lost. Not yet, anyway because as days go by in the next few years to come you will experience very heavy periods, more acidity and headaches therefore and it will all be unpredictable.

Why am I then even going through this process of talking about the worst facts about menopause? To tell you that with a bit of pluck on your part and a little hard work, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. And it’s lasting luminescence!

Dive in, therefore! And first things first! 

Healthy humans make a happy earth. Try the following tips before you decide to pop in strong meds!

As my doc friend says, ‘its a physiological change, not a pathological one.’ Menopause is the period leading to a pause in menstrual bleeding as the production of ova or eggs in our bodyis falling.

With it come changes in the body and our mind.

  • Hot Fillings

Some triggers of hot flushes are physical work, anxiety, heavy meals while they may creep in for no reason at all, too. Convince yourself that it’s only for a few seconds. Keep a water bottle handy and drink water. Hydration helps as does telling your co – workers that you will need a few moments. Most people understand, it happens to the best of them too!


  • Acid

Eat less spicy and processed food. Tackle the acidity with some Ayurvedic or Homeo meds that will take away the nagging headaches and bloating.

  • Am I beautiful still?

We may begin to feel unattractive and suffer from low self-esteem. Take heart, it’s a temporary phase. Go to a counsellor if you feel you are getting into depressive zones but with a little support from family and friends, you can sail through it all. Hormones decrease in our bodies leading to us feeling vulnerable emotionally and lead to psychological effects.
Diversion of the mind helps. Social support helps women especially if they have friends.
Make friends with Yoga/ cardio/ pranayama. 
You do not need docs or hormone therapy unless you have medical needs. All you need is a routine of good eating and exercise. Followed by japa or chanting to bring the mind to a rest.
Ten to fifteen minutes a day will settle those unsavoury thoughts in the head. Don’t know how to, just switch on Pandit Jasraj’s chants on YouTube and repeat after him, ‘ Om Namo
Bhagavate Vasudeva!’ Japa and pranayama help to bring your blood pressure down, too, other than filling you with good cheer. I speak from experience.

  • Feel like a pear; look like a pear

Walk and exercise for forty minutes at least six times a week. Your hormones that are causing all the clamour in your body will calm down and believe it or not, will actually fall into a routine. Also the tendency to gain menopausal weight will slow down and blood pressure and blood sugar (a regular annual check-up could get that out of the way) that are
ever ready to become our companions can be actually kept away.

  • Oh my finger, oh my thumb! Oh my belly, oh my bum.

Aches and pains increase as one progresses and we become more prone to fractures. All you need is to increase your calcium intake and hang in the sun for vitamin D which helps to absorb calcium from food. If the frozen shoulder or Tennis elbow really makes daily life
difficult, try visiting a physiotherapist first before popping in pills. Works wonders!
While you may need supplements for short periods, drink more milk, eat more milk products such as cottage cheese, yoghurt, dry fruit and green veggies. Supplements with evening primrose oil do help. Veggies and fruit have antioxidants and fibre, too! You will be strong
and wise once more. Cannot guarantee the latter, ladies as I have not reached there yet but strong you will be!

  • Eat well!

Maintain good hygiene and eat home cooked meals. Cook your own food and for the family if you can, for the process brings a sense of control over one’s body. Eat less salt, sugar and all-purpose flour or maida. The physiology of ageing is such that extra food is converted into fat and settles in the abdominal area. Add more protein to the diet and cut down on carbs. 

  • The S word

Sex! For better or for worse? You have your views, I am sure but there are ways to live with or without sex. Err… you choose but it need not be painful as there are lubricants that can help. Know this, though that your appearance is about how you feel about yourself. Come to terms with your physical self and you will feel beautiful.

  • Health Conditions (when to call the doc)

Go to a doctor if you have itches and fever. Urinary tract infection is common as one grows older as are fungal infections in the vaginal area. If the flow is very heavy and you need a tampon or pad every hour, it’s important to visit a gynaecologist to rule out a tumour or
fibroid. Some women experience lumpiness in the breast during peri menopause and they must get a mammography to rule out breast cancer.


  • Be grateful!
Practise feeling gratitude and that will bring happiness. Be cheerful and you will feel attractive, beautiful and eternally youthful. Work at something that brings you happiness. Don’t forget to visit a beautician once a month. A facial and a hair spa can also work wonders for your self-esteem and health! La vie en rose, as they say!
~ By our TEL reporter
(All the tips and tricks in the story have been contributed by doctors and experts in the area and a teeny bit from readers’ experiences).